A Meditation Practice…

“Let there be peace within your walls and quietness within your towers”.

As someone who is trying to begin a meditation practice for myself—and I repeat, TRYING—I came across this quote in a book, and it really clicked for me. It is adapted from Psalm 122:7 and while I am no theologian, I think it resonates for everyone. When I try to begin meditating, I often choose a word to repeat over and over in my head.  I find that it keeps my thoughts from wandering, and “forces” me to stay on task…“Peace” is often the word that pops into my head. Peace connotes many different things–depending on your mood, your location, or what’s going on in your life at that time.  Finding a place that is peaceful and quiet sounds very comforting to me, and to find it within myself sounds even more satisfying. Instead of seeing “peace” as some vague concept, or a goal to strive towards, how nice to know that it already exists inside us.

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