It IS easy being green…

My intention for 2021 is to switch my family and clients to a predominantly plant-based diet. You do not need to say “adios” to your Tuesday Taco night–I did not say a Vegetarian diet, or throw away your favorite leather boots–I did not say a Vegan diet either. So what do I mean? In a nutshell (pardon the pun) half your plate at every meal should be vegetables and fruits, 1/4 should be high fiber carbs, and 1/4 lean animal or plant-based protein. Personally, I try to avoid animal products, besides Greek yogurt or eggs, until dinner. A plant-based diet is primarily made up vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans, and legumes. It is higher in nutrients, keeps your body relatively free of toxins (besides some contaminants found in our soil), promotes GI health, reduces inflammation, and keeps your skin and body looking gorgeous! Plant-based diets increase our longevity by promoting weight loss and lowering our blood pressure, cholesterol, risk of diabetes, and heart disease. Still not convinced? Keep reading…

  1. Better digestion and cleansing. Animal protein, dairy products, processed foods, and sugar slow down your system and overload it with chemicals. The results are bloating, constipation, reflux, low energy, and increased toxicity (think inflammation). Plant-based diets are high in fiber so your digestion improves and your body is “cleansing” after every meal.
  2. Weight loss and increased energy. Animal products and processed foods are acidic and high in toxic waste which is stored in fat cells. When your body is not working to break down these foods it is able to “cleanse” unassisted–and increase our “elimination”, which helps with weight loss. Foods that are high in fiber and nutrients provide more energy and also are more FILLING, so we eat less (think Pringles vs. a baked potato).
  3. Beauty and anti-aging benefits. Beauty begins on the inside. When your body is not overloaded with toxins, inflamed, dehydrated from sugar and salt, having digestive issues, and bloated, you look better as a result. Your body is using its own energy to repair and regenerate skin cells too. People always tell me they notice changes such as, brighter eyes, glowing skin, shiny hair, fewer wrinkles, and stronger fingernails on a plant-based diet. Wow!

My final argument for “making the switch” is that you can feel good about helping our planet. Cattle farms are stripping the rain forests, greenhouse gas emissions are destroying the ozone, plastic fast food containers are creating tons of pollution, and the conditions for animals at factory farms is cruel to say the least. It feels great to feel great–while reducing your carbon footprint.

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