Can candy really be “healthy”?

“Healthy” candy? Sign me up! Well, it is not that simple…while brands like 365, Yum Earth, and Smart Sweets do not have High Fructose Corn Syrup, artificial sweeteners, food dyes or GMOs, you still don’t want to add them to your daily snack rotation. While chemicals are never good in ANY food, there is a disproportionate amount of chemicals and modified sugars in candy. A treat like Starburst and Skittles is loaded with several different food dyes (Red No. 40, Yellow No. 5, Blue No. 6), which are highly toxic. They also contain Hydrogenated Palm Oils (aka trans fats), which are bad for your heart and lead to inflammation in the system. Finally, they contain Titanium Dioxide, a food additive that is so toxic it has been BANNED in European food. Ugh! Not to mention what these sticky, chewy candies do to your teeth. It is a mouthful of cavities in the making!

The organic versions of these candies I mentioned above, may be sweetened with “organic rice syrup”, “stevia” or “tapioca syrup”, but they still quickly convert to sugar in your system. 20g of sugar in a serving of gummy bears is no good–even if it is not coming from pure cane sugar, but a plant based version like stevia. Plus the sugar alcohols in the “healthy” gummy bears ferment in your gut which can cause gas and bloating—no thanks! That cannot be good for your GI health.

But no guilt! Enjoy these sweet treats in moderation—who doesn’t crave gummy bears once in a while?—but please keep in mind that they are hardly a “health food”. The next time a sugar craving hits, maybe try a bowl of pineapple instead? 

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