Ditch the Calorie Counting…

“How many calories are in this bowl?” Or “How many calories should I eat at dinner?” Or “What should my daily calorie intake be”? These are questions I am frequently asked by clients and friends. I like to shift the focus away from a number (everyday is different!), and focus instead on your appetite. And listening to your body’s internal cues, (aka when you are HUNGRY, and when you are FULL). Eating a rice cake with your scrambled eggs and berries instead of a slice of toast, because it only has 35 cals (that’s less than half!) is not a good mindset when choosing your meals.

Additionally, trying to “mentally tally” your meal’s calorie count while at a birthday dinner with friends is a guaranteed way to ruin your evening. It also leads to disordered eating behaviors–such as obsessively exercising after a larger than normal meal to “negate” the calories we consumed, or skipping our next meal to “make up for” a meal we felt was too caloric. These behaviors teach us to ignore our bodies–and our nutritional needs–in order to adhere to a “1500 calorie a day” meal plan no matter what. Regardless of whether you had an intense cardio session that morning, lifted weights after lunch, had or a poor night’s sleep, or a stressful day at work. All of which affect our hunger of course.

I help people become intuitive eaters, and ditch the exhausting cycle of daily calorie counting. This is when weight loss and food freedom happens. Let’s talk! I can get you there.


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