Burn baby burn!

Calories that is. Did you know cold weather workouts burn 34% more calories, increase your endurance, strengthen your immune system, and sharpen your brain? Exposure to colder temperatures means your muscles need to work much harder to pump your blood, which requires more energy, which then burns significantly more calories. Winter workouts also increase the number of immune cells in your system, and boosts your immune system as a result, helping your body combat colds and other viruses. So important in the winter! Cold weather also requires greater awareness and alertness from your brain, which in turn releases more endorphins (the “feel good” hormones we love). Wow! This could be just the motivation you need to lace up your sneakers on a cold, gray day. 

When you do head out the door, remember to dress in layers, wear warm socks and a snug hat, and watch for slick surfaces—easy to slip on ice or wet leaves. And slow down your pace too; with all the reasons I listed above you can still get a great workout without risking an injury. And don’t forget the “post workout” hot cocoa.” You earned it!

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