Slow your roll…

Rapidly trying to undo 6 weeks of holiday cheer in 6 days Does. Not. Work. If you are tempted to sign up for a Master Cleanse, a 1 week juice fast or the “Extreme Celebrity Detox”, please resist the urge and give your body some time to “recalibrate”. So what can you do on January 1st? 

Stick to meals that are primarily plants and protein. Eat eggs, avocado and berries for breakfast–or a smoothie for a plant based meal. Make hearty salads with grilled chicken or tofu at lunch. And try some new fish recipes for dinner — and double up on the veggies for your sides. Steer clear of the breads and pastas. Take a break from packaged foods as well, if it didn’t grow out of the earth or isn’t a “whole food” (think oatmeal), take a pass. Processed foods have additives and preservatives added which causes inflammation in the system.

Drink water like it’s your unpaid job. Ideally half your weight in ounces. Take a break from cocktails and sugary coffee drinks. Caffeine and sugar screw with your blood sugar and also lead to mood swings. Ugh!

Get moving. Commit to 60 minutes of daily activity. Ideally a mix of cardio and strength training. And at least some your exercise should take place outside for much needed Vitamin D. 

Go to bed 1 hour earlier. Staying up too late does a number on your hunger (as in cravings for sugary and refined foods the next morning), your mood, your energy level to exercise, and your appearance! 7-8 hours a night period. You will thank me! 
Let me know how you feel in a week—perfection is the enemy of progress. You’ve got this!

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