Mind over Matter

The mind is a powerful tool. We all know that we can talk ourselves in or out of pretty much anything. And that is usually a good thing! “I am not going to buy these really cool earrings because I am saving up for a new laptop.” You have created a positive outcome for yourself which allows you to stick with your plan. And when it comes to exercise, it is truly mind over matter. Telling yourself “I have no time for a workout today — I’m way too busy at work!”, instantly creates a negative mood, and believe it or not, our brains are are wired to focus on the negative. Let’s reframe that thinking pattern to, “I’d better run before work, because I know it will be a long day!” Behold the power of the mental reset.

Also try approaching exercise with an “if/then” mindset, “If I walk before work, then I will have more energy and patience when I get there”. “If it is raining when I wake up, then I will hop on the treadmill and get outside at lunch”. Our minds like to feel rewarded for our actions. There is a positive consequence for a positive action.

Changing negative thoughts takes less than 30 seconds (some argue 15 seconds!), which is just enough time to lace up your sneakers and grab your AirPods.  Can’t talk yourself out of that.

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