Here’s what happens if you eat just 1 meatless meal a week…

Meatless Monday has been “trending” for a while, but can even 1 meatless dinner a week really improve your health? YES! Eating plants improves your gut health so you can better absorb the nutrients from your meal. When your gut health is compromised, food passes through your system without our bodies utilizing the nutrients. Fruits and veggies boost the “good” gut bacteria, while destroying the “bad” bacteria improving the health of your GI tract.

The high fiber content in a plant based meal lowers your cholesterol and stabilizes your blood sugar. Plant based protein also generally has less calories and fat than animal protein — especially red meat or dairy , and reduces inflammation in the system. Nuts, grains, tofu, and beans are great anti-inflammatory foods.

Last but not least, you are actually reducing your carbon footprint when you introduce even ONE meatless meal into your dinner rotation. Every bit helps! Green house gas emissions (from livestock) is quite literally destroying the ozone layer — that simply does NOT happen when you eat salad!

These peppers are stuffed with black beans, brown rice, tomatoes, zucchini, and shredded cheese (this one is vegan, but organic dairy is fine) — and taste delicious. You won’t miss the meat! 

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