Eat local, seasonal produce this summer…here is why:

Spring and summer are all about eating what is in season, grown locally, and trying fresh produce that may be new to you. There are so many great choices! This is when eating the rainbow just gets better — and easier! — every week. CSAs are fabulous and quite affordable. I do recommend signing up with a friend or two because you will be getting a LOT of zucchini in August!

Here are a few reasons why I urge you to support your local CSA, regional farms, and shop at farmer’s markets in your area:

1.Eating locally helps the planet by eliminating CO2 emissions from transporting food across the country and overseas on planes and trucks. Eating organic blueberries from Mexico may seem like a wise move to avoid pesticides, but sadly the emissions from the planes that fly them here are still so harmful to the environment.

2. Buying from regional farms and farmers markets supports the local economy. Small farms cannot compete with warehouse chains or Whole Foods, so let’s help and buy their produce. You know it will be fresher too!

3. Local produce is often picked just 24 hours before you buy it — meaning it is more ripe, has more flavor, and is more nutritious. What tastes better than a fresh peach picked that morning.


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