Proud to be a Mediterranean…

I hosted a nutrition and wellness workshop last night, and a question I am frequently asked is, “What is the best diet for weight loss and my overall health?” I love this question! And my answer never changes, the Mediterranean diet with a heavy focus on plants. We discussed why the Mediterranean diet checks all the boxes for healthy eating and a happy lifestyle. Between the plant based food choices, lean animal protein, high fiber carbs, and healthy fats; the inclusion of exercise and activity throughout the day; and the strong emphasis on socialization with family and friends, we should all take a page from their book. 

This plate is a perfect example of a Mediterranean style dinner —1/2 the plate is plants, 1/4 of the plate is a high fiber carb, and 1/4 of the plate is lean protein. The meal is filling, high in fiber and nutrients, and loaded with veggies. Enjoy! 

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