Should you try Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent Fasting “IF” is a hot topic among nutritionists and doctors, and people have some pretty strong opinions —so should you try it? Honestly all of us are doing some version of this already, unless you are eating while you are asleep! But when should you “break fast” in the morning?

I recommend a 12 to 14 hour window a day with NO food, but I would not push it beyond that. So if you finish dinner at 7pm, the kitchen is closed until 7am. And if you exercise first thing, maybe your breakfast is closer to 9am. Beyond that you risk headaches, fainting, fatigue and low energy, digestive issues, irritability, crashing blood sugar, and extreme hunger(!) — not too shocking. 

Nor are there long-term, conclusive studies that fasting 16 or more hours leads to metabolism or hormonal improvements or lasting weight loss. Additionally, only eating between the hours of 12pm-6pm is not ideal if you live with others, want to go to dinner with friends, or attend evening events for work, etc. It is highly impractical and doesn’t offer any health benefits that you don’t already get from a shorter fast of roughly 12 hours. Start your day with a high protein, plant based breakfast with healthy fats and high fiber carbs—and plenty of water. That is what keeps your body and brain happy! 

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