Can you work out if you are under the weather?

Is it safe to exercise when you are sick? Or should you stay in bed with a bowl of chicken soup? Good question! My advice is that it is safe to do a modified workout if your symptoms are ABOVE the neck: stuffy nose, sneezing, or sore throat. Anything BELOW your neck: coughing, chest congestion, stomach pain, or fever is a “no go”! Let me explain…

Cold: Prioritizing rest really does help you recuperate faster, but if you want to do some light exercise and you only have a runny nose or sore throat, you should be fine. Certainly a walk outside is safe and will often make you feel better. Listen to your body.

Flu: Absolutely not! And since most people can hardly get out of bed, this should not be an issue. Having a fever often means you’re already dehydrated and the flu can segue to pneumonia, so just take it easy. 

Stomach Bug:  When your digestive system is upset (especially if you have diarrhea or vomiting) you really need to take your time recovering. Even after the symptoms clear up, you should give yourself several days to hydrate and rest before hitting the gym. 

How about Covid? Depending on how you feel, there is nothing wrong with going for walk. But obviously avoid the gym or meeting a friend until you’re no longer contagious. 

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