Anyone who has worked with me knows about “non-negotiables”. Commitments you make to yourself that you can comfortably stick to EVERY day — even during the holidays or on a family vacation or during exams at college…you get the idea. Here are some holiday non-negotiables from my clients that I love!

  1. Stick to a routine…as best you can: your body likes consistency when it comes to sleep, exercise, and food. Even when you’re going nonstop, don’t slack on this.
  2. Protein at breakfast: “hunger hormones” strike we are tired and stressed, and they crave sugar! Protein stabilizes your blood sugar, helps you focus and keeps you satiated.
  3. Morning movement: It does NOT have to be a “workout”, but moving when you start your day revs your metabolism, burns calories, and boosts your mood and stamina.
  4. Drink 1/2 your weight in ounces of water: water flushes out germs and viruses, sugar and salt from holiday treats, and prevents late day “brain fog”.
  5. An afternoon snack with plants and protein: keeping your blood sugar stable between lunch and dinner is key, and prevents “over indulging” at your next meal or party. 

Do you have a non-negotiable to share?  

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