Happy Valentine’s Day…hold the toxins!

Nothing says love and appreciation on Valentine’s Day more than a homemade treat. A batch of heart shaped cookies or a heart shaped banana bread are a delicious and fun gift to make…and give! What does NOT say I love you? Red Dye #3 found in Brach’s Conversation Hearts; Titanium dioxide found in Blow Pops; and HFCS, Blue Dye #1 and Yellow Dye #6 found in Welch’s Fruit Snacks. (And I thought “fruit” was healthy!) 

But of course kids love treats on Valentine’s Day and why shouldn’t they have them. These brands are free of toxic chemicals and artificial additives, and honestly taste better: Yum Earth Lollipops, Black Forest Gummy Bears, Unreal Chocolate Gems, OCHO Chocolate Peppermint bites, Smart Sweets, and Hu Dark Chocolate Almond Crunch bars (okay that last one was for me)

Finally, Valentine’s Day does not have to be about sweets — has anyone EVER turned down a foot massage? 

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