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"Eating healthy was something that I had always read about, but could not seem to follow in my daily life. It seemed overwhelming and so much conflicting information too. By working with Sarah, she provided me with the building blocks to help get me on track to a better me. Her knowledge is limitless and she always works to provide you with more tools. She is so motivating and easy to talk to. She never let me give up"

- Nicole Vivien November 25, 2017

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"With so many fad diets and mixed messages out there, it's great to work with Sarah. She is extremely knowledgeable and very easy to confide in. She helped us set goals and created a customized health and nutrition program for our lifestyle to make those goals achievable. My daughter is a competitive gymnast and worked with Sarah for over three years-- teaching her how to eat in order to do her best at competitions, and when she is training. Sarah has never fallen short of setting her up for success with her ongoing support, positivity, and commitment.  We continue to consult with Sarah on a regular basis and I can honestly say I don't know where our lives would be without her. "

- Tracie Murabito February 23, 2018

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My 16 year old daughter is a 3 sport athlete at school, and also plays weekend JCT squash tournaments all year round. She has always been on the low end of the weight and growth chart (>10%). When her BMI dropped off the chart and her maturity rate slowed dramatically the doctor said she needs a lot more calories in her body, and suggested milk shakes and ice cream daily. I knew that was not the healthiest answer, and she also has numbers food allergies. When I found Sarah I knew we were in capable hands. Brecon has been seeing Sarah for a year and has gained over 10 pounds and grown 4 inches. She enjoys their time together, and has learned what to eat for her best performance in school and in sports. We are so grateful to have met Sarah--she is caring and full of energy too!

Brecon Welsch US Junior Nationals Squash Champion, Top 10 girls U17 Division for US Squash, 3 sport varsity athlete Greenwich Academy December 13, 2018

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My teenage daughter came to Sarah looking for guidance on a healthy approach to achieving a specific weight loss goal for her sport. What she she came away with is a life plan to healthy eating habits that will last well past her years as a student athlete. Sarah offers step-by-step plans, new recipes, shopping lists to keep you on track, but more than that her can-do attitude and positive personal support are invaluable. Her passion for her work is palpable. I'm a lucky parent to have her on my daughter's team!

Izzy Gallucci Rower for Row America June 17, 2019

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Sarah helped me so much to get my life back on a healthy and balanced track, which is not easy for a college senior. I feel so empowered with the knowledge and skills we worked on in our sessions, and I'm left feeling more energized and great in every area of my life!

Chris O'Hara July 10, 2020

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As a student athlete returning from abroad, I was looking for a way to jump start some weight loss and overall feel better for my sport. In just 2 months I learned more than I ever could about healthy eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I have never felt more energized and fit. I can’t thank her enough for helping me take the first steps to finally changing my lifestyle! 

July 10, 2020

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Sarah's nutrition counseling helped me make better decisions about what to eat, which resulted in my feeling better on a daily basis. She started me on a gluten and dairy free diet which put an end to my chronic stomach aches, and I could not have stuck to it without her help. My energy level increased which helped my skating, and even my mood improved.

Lauren Monahan U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medalist December 9, 2020

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I have been working with Sarah for over two months now and am amazed with my results already! Sarah took the time to research my health issues and catered to my specific needs. I have lost weight but more importantly am feeling so much better already.  She has been a tremendous help in helping me reach my goals of being healthier starting from within.


Kimberly Viggiano, Portfolio Manager January 17, 2021

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I  noticed my good friend had lost weight and looked great.  She told me she had started working with a nutritionist, and was really happy.  I have NEVER been able to diet, but I had gained weight and my energy level was low so I wanted to give it a try. From day one, I loved it. Sarah took the time to understand what I needed--she didn’t scare me off or make me feel bad about my food choices.  We discussed healthy options and simple substitutions--it was never about starving myself and setting impossible goals.  

I tried several great recipes, her grocery list is amazing, and I was able to find so many new foods that worked for me and my family. I have lost weight, but more importantly I have never felt better since becoming a mom. It also forced me to look at my family's food choices, and I am setting a good example for my kids.  

I couldn’t recommend her more. I accomplished something I had always thought was impossible--losing weight and being happy. Malena Copello-Luz

Malena Copello-Luz March 24, 2021