Daily Detox Routine…

While I do not discourage you from baking cookies as a fun family activity or having a glass of wine at the end of a long day, here are some other daily strategies to help you feel energized and detox your body. As the duration of our social distancing and remaining indoors wears on, some days it feels hard to take care of ourselves and prioritize wellness. (Believe me, I know it firsthand!). It is tempting to hit the couch with a bag of popcorn, watch the rain fall, and binge watch your favorite Netflix series…These simple tips will pull you back to planet Earth (:

1. Drink room temperature water with lemon during the day. We all know that water is hydrating, but the lemon aids with digestion, and is full of vitamin C which is great for your skin. Cold drinks are hard on your GI tract, so skip the ice cubes. I like to fill a pitcher in the evening and leave it on the counter overnight and drink it throughout the day, adding a squeeze of lemon every time I refill my glass.

2. Have a daily sweat session. Your skin is your largest organ and sweating is the quickest way to release toxins. Chemicals such as mercury and heavy metals are present in the environment, as well as in our food (sad but true), so no amount of avoiding them will work! A sauna is also a fabulous detox, but nothing beats the benefits of daily exercise. There is no excuse to not spend an hour exercising while at home–view it as your “commuting time” in the morning, or let the kids have an hour of iPad time before dinner so you can get outside and clock your steps.

3. Eat more plants. There is nothing wrong with having some sugar, dairy, alcohol, and packaged foods but they cause inflammation and are taxing for your organs to digest. Plants are Mother Nature’s “powerhouse” and the best foods hands down to detox your body. Start the day with a smoothie or avocado toast and berries, make a colorful salad for lunch, and roast some veggies at dinner. Plants are high in fiber, filling, and loaded with nutrients and anti-oxidants. 

4. Stick to a sleep schedule. And no less than 7-8 hours a night! Changing your bed time several times a week is the equivalent of traveling through several different time zones and having chronic jet lag. Your body needs a sleep routine just like it needs an eating routine, whether is a weekday or weekend. It is important to both your physical and mental health to take your sleep seriously.

5. Breathe. Take A few breaks throughout the day from work, online classes, tutoring kids or just folding laundry. Sitting for long stretches is not good for your body and humans are designed to move. Even if you can’t sneak out for a 10-15 minute walk during “business hours”, open your front door, step outside, and take 10 deep breathes several times daily. Extra credit for stretching your back, neck, and shoulders. They will thank you!

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