Mushroom coffee…is that a thing?

You put WHAT in my coffee?! Mushrooms are well known for their medicinal properties, and now mushroom coffee is a trend sweeping the “wellness world”. If you are curious to give it a try, here are the facts.

What IS it? A blend of ground mushrooms and coffee beans—it still has caffeine but only 1/2 the amount of regular coffee, which will definitely make you less jittery. Some caffeine is healthy, but too much coffee is bad for your adrenal glands, your kidneys, your heart, your GI tract, your esophagus, your cortisol levels…and the list goes on! The adaptogens in mushroom coffee actually lowers your cortisol levels (and that is a good thing!).

Why should I try it? Regular coffee is highly acidic, so hard on your stomach, but mushroom coffee actually brings healthy bacteria to your gut, reduces inflammation, boosts your immune system, and promotes circulation to your heart. Who ever thought coffee could be GOOD for your gut health?

How does it taste? Honestly, like regular coffee! I promise it does not taste like dirt. Many coffee chains have added it to their menu, so maybe try it before buying a bag. Some brands sell it in a “tea bag” from so you can just seep it in a cup of boiling water. So easy! Please check with your doctor first for safety; some people may be unable to drink it due to a pre-existing condition, or pregnancy, etc. Let me know what you think! 

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