What I eat in a Day…

One trend from 2022 that I am excited to say sayonara to this year is the barrage of “What I Eat in a Day” videos on Tik Tok and Instagram… which are often followed by phrases like: “TO STAY LEAN!”or “As a Victoria’s Secret Model”. Nobody needs this egocentric, “look-at-me” information, which in my professional opinion is NOT helpful. If you want to follow a nutritionist, licensed trainer, or a doctor I am fine with it, but many of these Tik Tokers have no professional training and should not dispense food and fitness advice. And how is a Victoria’s Secret model’s meal plan helpful to a college student, or a working mother with young kids, or a middle aged professional who routinely travels for work? It is not!

These videos promote unhealthy body images, set up unrealistic expectations, make us compare ourselves to others, and often lead to disordered eating behavior. It is purely toxic to viewers. Turn off the Tik Tok feed and feed your body the nutritious, delicious food it deserves. 

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